Spain's Economy Is Expanding, But Most New Jobs Are Temporary

NPR - 18.12.2015

When NPR first met Laura Silva Kirkpatrick and her husband, Ricardo Robleño Llorente, they were both in their late 20s and both unemployed.

They considered themselves members of Spain's so-called "lost generation" and felt as though they'd lost their best years to the country's economic crisis. At the time, more than half of Spanish 20-somethings were out of work.

That was nearly 18 months ago.

Since then, Spain's economy has emerged from recession. Unemployment has dropped from its high of near 28 percent to around 21 percent this fall. Silva Kirkpatrick and Robleño Llorente have both since turned 30, and are both back at work — albeit in low-paid, temporary jobs.

"I don't even have an official contract. My job is more like a paid internship, so I have no rights," says Silva Kirkpatrick. "If I lose this job, I get no unemployment benefits."

Even though her native English language ability is a coveted skill — her mother is American — she still can't find a permanent job as an English teacher.

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