As Brexit starts to bite, more and more Brits are selling up and leaving Spain

El Pais – 07.03.2018

The number of British people officially living in the country has dropped from 397,892 to 240,785 in the past five years

Michelle Ball’s store in La Xara, Alicante is not one of those everything-for-a-euro establishments, even though it might look like it. She does sell dresses for a euro, as well as plates, vases, lamps, plastics flowers and other decorative items. But her products aren’t sourced from China, but rather the kitchens, dining rooms and wardrobes of local Britons who donate their goods to charity. Ball and the other volunteers who work here use the profits to help British people in the region who are sick and have few resources. This charity shop has been inundated with a trove of goods as an increasing number of Brits sell their homes and move back to their home country. Before leaving, they pass by Ball’s shop and drop off everything that isn’t worth taking with them to the United Kingdom.

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